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The Research & Development Team

The research and development team in recent years has tried extremely hard to solicit top-caliber veteran designers to join our R&D program, to use various software to create more than thousands kinds of products by process includes sketching, drafts, technical drawing, 3D CAD, prototyping and tooling, and had won 108 patents in the professional lighting field. To draw 3D CAD/CAM technical drawing for tooling, design high light efficiency reflector & lighting solution, to make the lampbase heat sink simulation & package outlooking. To set up a completed laboratory with high-tech equipments for testing safe electrical, thermal, glow-wire, drop test which complys with the standards of ENEC of European, UL/CSA of North American, 3C of China and ENS of Taiwan.

The programmable temp & humi chamber, the hot & cool impact tester the aging oven tester and the Reactive Vibration tester help to inspect the qualified materials and components. the photometric for lighting distribution curve to support lighting designer on the projects. The Rohs spectrometer to detect the harmful materials for environment protection, The water proof, dust proof and salty spray tester for exterior application fixtures to ensure the life time. The Chroma meter for color inspection of lamp source color temperature, ex. LED, CFL, master color metal halide. The automatically CNC machine to make mockup sample quickly in order to make sure the right tooling, passed testing and assist customer to win the projects.


Salty Spray

Temp. & Humid tester

IP Testing

To Control the Quality

Quality control was according to ISO9001 system since Jan 13th 1996.
Every Rise assembling factory use standard inspection procedure (S.I.P) & standard Operation procedure (S.O.P) to make IQC, OQC ,PQC and FQC.
To invest stamping facilities of steel and high pressure injection machine of aluminium and zinc and let the parts of stamping, die-cast aluminium and zinc to be self-sufficiency. This investment helps the quality control easily.
To assures prompt shipment, zero-defect quality, as a role model of the world market proud of the world's topnotch products through the perpetual international undertaking.


Zhuhai SOP Production

Aluminium Injection