R&D Team

  Supporter of the wonderful moment

At RISE LIGHTING, every product is carefully developed to satisfy your  needs.  Our strong R&D team is delightful to explore the role of light in the life and is striving for amazing lighting experience. We have obtained more than 108  patents as we deeply understand each occasion requires different lighting solutions. We are always standing by you for shining your creative values to the world.

We have our own laboratory and test center, use safety regulations, material performance testing & product reliability as the core, so we can meet ENEC (Europe), UL / ETL / CSA (North America), 3C (China) And CNS (Taiwan) standards. We focused on 4 major areas:  Light, Mechanical, Electrical, and Thermal.  Our equipments include: Photometric, Integrating Sphere, Color Temperature Colorimeter, Glow-Wire testing, Needle-Flame testing, IK Impact testing, Vibration testing, IP testing, RoHS Spectrometer, Aging Durable Testing, Thermal Test Draft Shield, Programmable Constant Temperature and Humidity Testing, Thermal Shock Testing, etc., and other professional testing equipments to ensure that every aspect are in control.

The brainstorming from imagination and production ability, we also striving  the balance between quality and beauty. We keep moving to create  brilliant experience.